Since 1995 she directs her own studio where she has done restoration works on public and private buildings.

Since 2009 she is member of the Technical Commission on Cultural Heritage in Central Catalonia. Generalitat de Catalunya.

Since 2015 she is member of the Executive Committee of the Council of Culture in Barcelona




​​2013           Course: 'Restoration: Roofs and Façades'. Escola Sert. Architects' Institute of Catalonia (CoAC)

2013           Course: 'RIBA-Conservation Course 2013'. Royal Institute of Briitish Architects (RIBA)

2011           Course: 'Historic buildings. Dealing with structural defects'. Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

​2009           Course: 'The use of traditional materials: lime'. Escola Sert. Architects' Institute of Catalonia (CoAC)

​​1996           Enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Construction, Engineering, and Architectural Research at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,

                   Architectural Construction Department​.

​1995​​           Postgraduate Diploma in 'Museography, Design & Fitting'. UPC

1994           DEGREE IN ARCHITECTURE, Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de​ Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya​ (UPC)




       -     2nd-Year Studio Professor, Escola Superior d’Arquitectura, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). (2005)

       -     Professor at university extension course 'Modernist Architecture: Residential Buildings', presented as part of the University of Vic's "Touring

             Barcelona Modernism: History, Art and Architecture". (2010)

       -     Guest lecturer at the workshop 'Post-industrial landscapes'. Escola d'Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV-UPC). (2011)

       -     Guest lecturer in class 'Walking Barcelona' at the Escola d'Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB-UPC) with a visit to the 'La Seca' for a Cultural

             Centre and Scenic Area in Barcelona. (2012)

       -     Lecture 'Catalan Architecture: Volume 2', Architects' Institute of Catalonia, Barcelona headquarters (Barcelona District) de la Diputació  de

             Barcelona. (2004)

       -     Lecture 'Works and Projects', Architects' Institute of Catalonia, Vic headquarters (Osona Office). (2004)

       -     Lecture 'First Catalan Architecture', Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB). (2008)

       -     Lecture 'Restoration of the Old 'La Seca' Factory for a Cultural Centre and Scenic Area in Barcelona" in 'VII Jornades de Patrimoni Cultural-

             Catalunya Caixa / La Pedrera' in Barcelona entitled 'The Heritage Building as a Cultural Centre: Architectural Intervention''. (2011)

       -     Lecture 'Deal with the past with a vision to the future. La Seca. Barcelona' in the Building Solutions World Congress Construmat 2013. (2013)

       -     Co-Director of the second phase of ‘Public Art Vic 09: Vic Public Space’. Diputació de Barcelona​. (2009)

       -     Co-Director: "The Tanneries: The look of the architect" on the future and renovation of the Tanneries Neighbourhood (Barri de les Adoberies) in

             Vic (Barcelona). Centre d’Arts Contemporànies de Vic (ACVIC) and Architects' Institute of Catalonia (COAC)​. (2010)

       -     Board Member, Old City of Vic. Vic City Council. (1995-2003)​

       -     Ongoing collaboration with architect JORDI GARCÉS. (1997-2010)

       -     Employed in the Barcelona City Council's Urban Projects Department. (1994-1995)